Webinar on Systemic Skills Development for Coaches

This webinar is for coaches that want to bring about transformation for individuals, transformation for business and corporate, and transformation for a greater global perspective. Development of new leadership in the current evolving future.

What you will learn:

  • What is a systemic skills development approach?
  • What are the advantages of a systemically skilled coaching approach?
  • Why is this work so impactful?
  • and much more...

You, the coach have choices that you make for yourself, as well as your clients. As a coach, you have the opportunity to support your clients in the transformation from where they are in their current life to how their future of infinite possibilities evolves.

The world we know is changing at an exponential pace and it impacts all spheres of life.

Now is your opportunity to step into your actions, your mastery, as a coach can create a new reality that is sustainable for you and your client’s futures. Are you among the growing number of new leaders committed to growing people, businesses, and organizations capable of thriving and contributing to the extra-ordinary challenges and possibilities of the world we are living in?

Are you willing to be an innovative coach that creates curiosity and has the willingness to learn from a source of infinite possibilities?

Then this webinar is for you.

Suppose you are a coach that is ready and willing to take on an ongoing journey to learn and grow and step into solving systemic challenges to create transformation in a meaningful way.

Then this webinar is for you.

Herewith I invite you to learn more….

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Webinar Dates

19th August 11:00am

24th August 2:00pm

2nd September 11:00am

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