Systemic Advanced Trauma Training

The Systemic Advanced Trauma Training offers a comprehensive framework for addressing complex trauma and relational challenges within the context of family and social systems.

Through Constellations' work, participants learn to explore the systemic dynamics underlying trauma, shame, guilt, and conflict, gaining insight into the intergenerational patterns and influences shaping individual experiences.

By acknowledging and releasing hidden loyalties, entanglements, and unconscious family dynamics, participants can facilitate healing and transformation, empowering individuals to reclaim agency, cultivate resilience, and create healthier relationships and lives.

This training provides a compassionate and integrative approach to trauma healing, offering practical tools and techniques for facilitating systemic change and promoting holistic well-being.

Safety First

Setting Intention

Intention 2

Flow of Grace

Flow of Grace Cont.

Types of Trauma

Existential Trauma

Existential Trauma Cont.

Loss Trauma

Loss Trauma Cont.

Bonding Trauma

Bonding Trauma Cont.

Systemic Bonding




All Parts

End Session One

Systemic Patterns

Systemic Influences

Family Dynamics

Systemic Dynamics

Existential Trauma 1

Existential Trauma 2

Existential Trauma 3

Loss Trauma 1

Loss Trauma 2

Bonding Trauma 1

Bonding Trauma 2

Systemic Bonding 2