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  • Every human is part of a system which in turn is part of another system. In systemic logic, we assume that the system operates within multiple layers.
  • Symptoms in a system, especially unwanted symptoms, can take the form of problems or certain unwanted behaviour that call for intervention.
  • We mostly intervene in the over-correct.
  • Repetitive patterns require intervention in the undercurrent. This is where the systemic approach becomes hugely purposeful.
  • A systemic approach is a phenomenological approach where we study situations in their original context by ‘discovering’ hidden patterns of problems or behaviours.
  • You allow the phenomena to speak for themselves without wanting to add or change something.
  • The purpose is to bring a system back into flow of pleasant or desired symptoms – flow, fun and innovation
What will the course cover?

This course provides a fundamental understanding of Systemic Skills Development.

It follows the flow from expecting the unexpected, through the journey of the unknown to the discovery of the self.

For the coach or any other professional, it initiates systemic questioning, systemic viewing, systemic listening and systemic observation of what is.

The flow of life within the wholeness!

Online course training is now on offer in a closed Facebook Course Setting. The training includes 2 practical training sessions with other trainees and one special course group training. Currently, training takes place via Zoom.

  • We get opportunity to experience healing for ourselves and our own systems
  • The ongoing learning of options and possibilities to approach any problem that wants to find a solution is of great value
  • Practicing helps to find your own style and gain confidence
  • A business that flows is a business that grows
  • Flow within the family system allows for an opportunity to
  • Gain insight into the different human behaviours, cultures and systems that hinder or promote opportunity
  • Release struggles and strains that currently hold business systems in bondage. What are the unseen factors that need to be released?
  • Make better business decisions
  • Opens the flow of income growth
  • The flow of Abundance is an Energy Exchange
  • Why do relationships fail?
  • What is needed for positive flow in relationships?
  • The Systemic View allows us to get answers to all our questions.
  • Let’s Explore!
  • When systems get together – what is exposed and what is hidden?
  • What is the purpose of any relationship?
Practice makes perfect.

Wisdom comes with experience.

Facilitation skills allow you to:

  • Acquire mastery with both observing and supervision and practical guidance while learning
  • You will learn to see the flow in the system/s which will serve your clients well
  • Setting up a good systemic map sets a clear intention with which to start a good process flow
  • Seeing beyond the visible is an acquired skill that allows you to trust the field into directing solutions that are beyond comprehension.
  • Inner awareness allows the facilitator to be in flow and connected to the field
  • Trusting the field frees the facilitator from being obligated to please the client.
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