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What is the Purpose of Life?

How does this question relate to Family and Systemic Constellations?

The purpose of Life is to be restored to Love moment to moment. To fulfill this purpose, the individual must acknowledge that he is 100% responsible for creating his Life the way it is.

Most of us are driven to understand what drives all of Life. I call it the Beyond. You may refer to It as God, the Divine, the Universe, or another word that works best for you. Most of us agree that this Life Force is called ‘Unconditional Love.

Why then is Life filled with suffering?

Is the Purpose of Life then to let go of all the suffering we experience daily? If so, how can we let go of repeated pain patterns if that is all we know as our existence in our human form?

Throughout my years of training and discovering different philosophies, I have come up against much resistance to acknowledging all of Life as it is. Why Life is filled with much suffering?.

I have learned through Family Constellations that we can let go of the suffering by gaining insights into why we hold onto compromised living. The question arises: “Does suffering fulfill the Purpose of Life?” I want to shout out with a loud “No”! Yet, I question why suffering is brought forward from generation to generation and resides as a non-erasable component in our subconscious. The human body is born with all the memory of our past generations.

How do we escape this phenomenon?

I learned as a traumatologist that when we take on the trauma (suffering), address it, and find the meaning or purpose of this experience, it disperses. Poof! The pain is gone!

How is that possible?

I believe that when we acknowledge the purpose of the suffering, it releases from the subconscious that is the keeper of all memories of past generations. Conscious thought of memory no longer has an active charge or negative feeling attached to it.

With the current studies in neuroplasticity, we learn that the brain, when released from negative sub-conscious impacts, can re-wire and build new healthy neuro-pathways.

What I have learned from various therapies and practices that support the idea of “Let Go of your pain, and you will find a life of happiness”.

Why is Family Constellations such a compelling “Letting Go Tool”?

Firstly, we work in the Field of Wholeness.

What does it mean to work in the “Field of Wholeness”?

For me, as Sonja, the Field of Wholeness represents a completion of a movement where Peace and Unconditional Love is experienced. The human body remembers what this feels like when a negative experience is transmuted from suffering to a peaceful feeling.

The Field of Wholeness allows all possibilities to exist in the inclusion of everything. Exclusion creates suffering, while inclusion opens up the opportunity to transmute suffering into a feeling of wholeness.

From various learnings, teachings, and scientific experiments, we learn that everything is Energy. I have no in-depth understanding of quantum energy. When setting up a constellation in the Field of Wholeness, I observe that participants experience energy shifts within their bodies.

  • Each constellation is a personal transformational experience in which we each, as individuals, are allowed to transmute a suffering thought or expertise into a new understanding of the feeling whole. You cannot change another, but the change in you affects those around you.
  • Each constellation is healing or, as I call it, an alignment experience. All possibilities open up when the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious are aligned.
  • Each participant is only responsible for their individual alignment experience. However, we have observed that this alignment affects all participants, all the families or situations connected. Many express a new perspective that acknowledges a release from a dark cloud. The ripple effect of an alignment through a constellation is beyond our human understanding.
  • The movements in a constellation bring energy shifts that release locked-up suffering to the surface and transmute it.
  • Healing, alignment, or truth sentences are spoken during a constellation and bring about tremendous energy shifts that are instantly felt.

The practice of Family and Systemic Constellations brings about an understanding of the Purpose of Life that is beyond the human experience. All spiritual concepts are embodied and experienced in a constellation. The embodiment of spiritual concepts creates a physical, mental, and spiritual alignment beyond description.

Why would you want to take up a Family&Systemic Constellations Training Course?

I don’t know how it would enrich your life.

I can only speak of myself.

The connection to the Divine is ever present.

Do I still experience points of suffering? Yes! My Life Purpose is not complete!

There is still so much human suffering in the world of chaos that we live through. I can only do my part, and each of us has a choice regarding how we add to the suffering or how we can release some of the woes through ourselves.

If this is a path for you, I look forward to a course together for a little while.

If this is for you and you want to explore a year-long journey.

To only enlist for this 3-day experience.

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