Relationship Training

Relationships are complex.

Some relationships are easier than others. Why is that?

Some of us always find ourselves in complicated relationships. Why is that?


You are always at the center of each of your relationships. It means that all relationships reflect an element for you to look at in yourself. Only you can make the changes to create the relationships that you want for yourself.


The complexity in a relationship is created by the complexities we as humans have carried forward from generation to generation. We want to save ourselves from the experience of hurt and pain, yet what do we move forward? Hurt and pain. Hmmm


How do we act and react in challenging situations? To protect ourselves, we express the hurt and pain.


In Family Constellations, we learn that often the way we act and react is from a deep sub-conscious default self-protection programming that drives our action. When we gain clarity on the pain that causes this default self-protection programming, we have the conscious choice to make different decisions and change this programming. With new findings in neuroscience, we learn that we can re-wire our subconscious. With an awareness gained through fresh insights, achieved through the constellations process, that give us clarity, we can use our center stage within each relationship we enter.


What will the gain look like?

Let go of past painful experiences and find new inspirations to drive your life and relationships forward.