Learning from the Systemic Field

Pros and Cons of On-Line Family and Systemic Constellations

Covid restrictions set up many challenges for all of us. The choices I had to make were challenging on many fronts and led to creating On-Line Workshops and On-Line Training. Now that the transition is complete, I can weigh in on the pros and cons of In-Person and On-Line constellations.  

Will life ever be the same again?

No. Not for me.  

I have learned to appreciate my new working space for various reasons.  

  • The ease with which I can set up a constellation for individuals and groups remotely outweighs the challenges and costs of having the ideal working space.
  • I love the freedom to work from different locations without offering workshops and training interruptions.
  • Physical challenges do not interrupt working ability.
  • New possibilities have opened up, and the space has become limitless.

Does this mean I will never work In-Person again?


I do set up individual constellations In-Person as and when requested.  

Group workshops have taken a slightly different format as we will be offering more retreats and two and three-day themed seminars.

Covid created the opportunity for us at HealingPoint Constellations to experiment and experience the transition from only In-Person work to On-Line work. It was a choice we made to be able to continue to work with clients and continue the training of Facilitators.

At the time of the announcement of the first lockdown, we were not equipped. Determined that I would use the time spent in isolation to benefit the greater good of all, I started working on creating remote workshops and training. The first experiments working In The Mind’s Eye in a Virtual Space worked well. Setting up a second camera with my board of figurines allowed us to work visually in a remote setting. Both work well in Individual as well as Group Work.  

Is working remotely On-Line the same as In-Person?

“Yes” and “No”.

“Yes”>The challenges are different, but the effect of gaining insight and learning are the same.

“Yes”> We continue to work in a safe space.

“Yes”>The work in setting up a constellation and the movements are the same.

“Yes”>The perspective through a 360 degrees dimensional view is often greater.

“Yes”>The emotional experiences are the same.

“Yes”>Energy and Wisdom flow as they need to flow. There are no restrictions in the energy field.

“No”>What goes missing is the physical touch.

“Yes”>It is incredible how we can touch each other through a shared experience in a remote room. 

The “Yes” outweighs the “No”, especially when considering the ease and comfort of all parties concerned. 

With this forced transition through the restrictions of Covid, the past two years have taught us at HealingPoint Constellations more about the movement of energy than ever before. For me, I have learned to trust the work’s power truly.  

Energy has no limitations and flows as it needs to flow.  

There a multiple benefits to setting up Family and Systemic Constellations remotely and On-Line

  • Distance is not a factor. People can sign in from different locations and join a room.  
  • Travel costs are a considerable saving factor.
  • Traffic issues are different. We do sometimes struggle with an internet connection through internet and power failures.  
  • Working with deep emotional issues in the safety of your own space is super beneficial.  
  • It is up to the individual to set up their safe working space before entering the room.
  • We work with cameras and microphones switched on in the workshop room to keep the visual and sound connection ongoing. 

Recently I had a situation where my client specifically asked me to work In-Person. I agreed and set up our appointment accordingly. An hour before the appointed time, he phoned and asked us to move to a remote setting due to time constraints on his side. His feedback after the session was that he loved that he could fit in the session with minimum time spent away from his work commitments.  

With all the trials and challenges that hit me and that I have learned to master through the Covid lockdown period, I am finding myself in a place where I have found a new way forward in life. With the added value, we are equipped to serve our clients in the best way possible.

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