Birthplace of the Sun


Invitation to a Transformative Pilgrimage: Awakening Global Consciousness at Inzalo Ye Langa

Attention Seekers of Unity and Sacred Wisdom,

We invite you to embark on a sacred pilgrimage to the birthplace of the sun, Inzalo Ye Langa, also known as Adam's Calendar. This African Stonehenge is more than just a historical marvel; it is a powerful center of healing energies and ancient wisdom. Our journey aims to honor the sacredness of life, fostering unity, compassion, and interconnectedness.


Why Join Us?

In a world rapidly evolving, our ancestors strive to protect the old ways deeply rooted in the people and the land. Yet, as new ideas emerge, these ancient traditions face challenges. Our pilgrimage will delve into this pivotal moment, exploring how we can honor both the past and the future.

Surrounded by sacred energies, our ancestors feel deep sorrow as they witness the unstoppable wave of change. As the intention, we must find a way to preserve the sacredness amid finding these new paradigms.


Through our journey, we will:

  • Reconnect with Ancestral Wisdom: Engage with the timeless knowledge that has guided our ancestors and learn how to integrate this wisdom into our modern lives.
  • Experience Sacred Energies: Feel the profound healing energies of Adam's Calendar, a place where the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is thin.
  • Foster Global Consciousness: Participate in Family and Systemic Constellations designed to awaken global consciousness, promoting unity and understanding across cultures.
  • Create New Grounding: As sacred energies expand, we need new grounding. This pilgrimage offers the opportunity to find stability and peace within ourselves and our communities.
  • Celebrate Unity and Interconnectedness: Embrace the spirit of collective harmony, recognizing that our journey is not just about individual enlightenment but about fostering a sense of wholeness.


Our Journey

From the moment we gather, you will be immersed in an environment of respect, healing, and transformation. We will travel together to Inzalo Ye Langa, engaging in a healing circle to honor the sacredness of life. Our path will be one of mutual support, as we hold space for each other and the energies of this ancient site.

What to Expect

Family and Systemic Constellation: Guided by our White Eagle team, these sessions will help us connect deeply with the energies of Adam's Calendar and our own inner wisdom.

Cultural Immersion: Learn about the rich history and traditions of the land, honoring the knowledge passed down through generations.

Community Building: Forge lasting bonds with fellow pilgrims, creating a network of like-minded individuals committed to fostering global consciousness.


Join Us

This pilgrimage is a call to all who feel the deep need to honor our past while stepping boldly into the future. It is a journey of transformation, where we can collectively awaken to the sacredness of life and our interconnectedness.


Let us come together at Inzalo Ye Langa to honor our ancestors, heal through the sacred energies of Adam's Calendar, and fostering a sense of wholeness.


Please note that attendees are responsible for organizing their own travel, accommodation, and catering arrangements. Additionally, each participant will need to arrange their daily travel to and from the retreat venue.


For your convenience, we will provide information about the recommended accommodation and travel options to help you with your arrangements.


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Date: 25th to 28th of October 2024

Location: Inzalo Ye Langa (Adam's Calendar), South Africa

Contact: Sonja +27 82 222 2458 or


We look forward to sharing this transformative journey with you.

The White Eagles Team

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Recently, a group of us from my Family Constellations training group embarked on a transformative journey to Mpumalanga, South Africa, to visit Adam’s Calendar – often referred to as the Stonehenge of South Africa – a site brimming with intense and sacred healing properties. Little did we anticipate the profound impact this place would have on us.

In preparation for our visit, we conducted a systemic constellation, invoking elements of global consciousness, sacred energies, ancestral wisdom, and the emerging new paradigm. Through this process, we gained deep insights into the importance of inclusivity and the creation of wholeness among ourselves, emphasizing the crucial connection with our land.

Our tours the following day, guided by an unexpectedly exceptional guide, led us to ancient stone circles and the sacred calendar itself. We learned about the Anunnaki, ancient visitors believed to have mined gold and constructed the stone circles as craft charging stations.


While numerous theories speculate on the purpose of these stone structures, I personally felt that the essence of truth lay in the memory of the crystals embedded within the dolomite rocks, which radiated a powerful and sublime energy from these sites.

The sacred calendar, revered for its potent energies linking to cosmic realms, has become a site for African shamanic initiations. Our group was profoundly touched by the experiences and healings we encountered there. Even as we journeyed from one site to another, deep-seated emotions surfaced and found release.

For me, sitting on those ancient stones atop a cliff overlooking the valley in profound silence, I felt a sence of wholeness within myself, It was like a returning to where it all began. This journey is one that every seeker should undertake for themselves – an odyssey of discovery, healing, and profound connection with our ancient roots and cosmic energies.

~ Penny Harris

Why is Adam's Calendar called the Birthplace of the sun in the local culture?


Adam’s Calendar, located in Mpumalanga, South Africa, is often referred to as the “Birthplace of the Sun” in local culture due to its significant astronomical alignments and its ancient origins. This ancient stone circle is believed to be one of the oldest man-made structures in the world, dating back to around 75,000 years.


Here are a few reasons why it is called the “Birthplace of the Sun”:


  1. Astronomical Alignments: Adam’s Calendar is aligned with the movements of the sun. The stones are positioned in such a way that they mark the solstices and equinoxes, which are significant events in many ancient cultures. These alignments suggest that the site was used for solar worship or to track solar cycles.
  2. Cultural Significance: For the local communities, the structure holds a deep spiritual significance. The alignment with the sun might symbolize the birth or rebirth of life, resonating with the idea of the sun as a giver of life and energy.
  3. Historical Legacy: The name “Birthplace of the Sun” might also be linked to the belief that the area around Adam’s Calendar is one of the oldest human habitation sites. This ties into the idea of the dawn of human civilization or the ‘birth’ of human society, with the sun symbolizing a new beginning.
  4. Myth and Legend: Local legends and oral traditions often imbue ancient sites with mystical and symbolic meanings. The sun, being a central figure in many mythologies as a creator or life-giver, naturally lends itself to such titles.


The combination of these factors contributes to the site’s revered status and its poetic title, the “Birthplace of the Sun.”


Important note: The prices above exclude accommodation. Click Here to download a list of accommodation availability in the area.