Conscious Flow

Why did I choose to be…

This morning I am questioning myself, “Why did I choose to be….”

It is a little game I play when I find myself stuck with one of the many hats I am wearing on this life journey.

There are the more immediate and personal “Why did I choose to be a daughter, a friend, a partner, a wife, a mother, and grandmother? Each brings forth a life experience in its own right. 

Did I choose to be a daughter? I took life when I took a breath. Even though this may not be a conscious human choice, it follows a choice of two individuals in their procreation act within their flow of life experiences.

Some choices, friend, partner, wife, and mother, were part of the flow of life on my life journey. Each is still a conscious choice. Did I choose to be a grandmother? The flow of life continues from the initial selection of taking a breath, whether consciously or not.

The choices I now make are much more conscious, even if they are inflow in my life. What drove me to those choices? What supports these choices for me? Yes, I am a seeker. 

Why did I choose to be a traumatologist? 

Why did I choose to be a Family Constellations Facilitator?

Why did I choose to be a Family and Systemic Trainer?

Why did I choose to be a Master Life Transformation Coach?

Why am I a seeker? What gives meaning and purpose to my life? What is the meaning and purpose of life itself?

I sense that each of us is searching for ‘something’. 

What are we driven towards in our choices? 

What have we driven away from in our choices?

A letter to “God” led me on a path that started with my training as a traumatologist. I knew I wanted to be more of service in the lives of others. Completely naïve and unaware of my own needs, I embarked on my present journey.

When I learned about and trained as a traumatologist, I started to understand how pain, as in emotional distress, which we call trauma, limits our life. Each client that I supported through and the release of traumatic pain felt like a triumph over adversity in life. Each hardship conquered allowed my clients to open up to more new life experiences in the flow of their lives. It ignites something in me beyond description within the realm of bliss.

Another door opened when I experienced a family constellation. For me, stepping into the systemic field felt like stepping into the unknown known, which we called the ‘knowing field’. The systemic field intrigued me. 

What do we not know? 

What do we know? 

I had to explore more and more. Even today, after twenty years in this work, the need to explore more is still my driving force in finding meaning and purpose in life. It is ever-expansive!

Life is constantly expanding.

What happens to me when I step into the systemic field?

I allow the field to teach me.

I allow the field to show me the way.

I have become more and more aware that I am one in and with the field. I am one with the Whole! It is the wholeness that leads the field.

Why did I choose…? Every choice I made has been within the flow of my life journey from conception till now. I have come to understand that we are all searching for ‘Wholeness’, whichever road we travel on.

As a Master Life Transformation Coach, I am simply a witness to allow others to have the courage to step into a flow of life of their choice. 

Sometimes it comes with re-direction.

Sometimes it comes with aligning more with what already exists. 

Sometimes it comes with holding up the accountability card.

More often than not, I am invited to step into the ever-expanding life with my client.

Transformation takes place for the client wherever the client is on their journey.

When I combine coaching with systemic facilitation, awareness opens up faster. It allows a client to step into the field of the ‘unknown’ and overcome fears while visiting the systemic field.

Reflecting on why I chose ‘to be…’ allows me to align to wholeness within. 

I live in acknowledgment of the life experiences I had, and I now am privileged to bring into the perspective of healing from disconnection from wholeness towards connection to wholeness.

As a Family and Systemic Constellations Facilitator, I feel privileged to explore even more into the mystery of life.

What is this search for connection to wholeness? Are you ready to step into being worthy to receive and be the most significant expression of yourself and have joy for existence, love for yourself, and all of life?

Why does it matter?

The awareness of how we can live in experiencing life as an extension of life is a blessing in itself. It feels like an awakening from a dream and becoming conscious of all that is. Life is a mystery to be explored consciously.

Does it start with having the courage in life to face “Where I am now”? What has brought me to this point? 

Am I happy where I am now? 

What would be different in my life if I could feel liberated from the struggles in life that keep repeating themselves over and over again?

What transformation is needed to overcome imposed limitations that express my genius of an unlimited mind?

Stepping into the systemic field is like stepping into the unknown, yet it is a field where all known exists. We surrender and trust the flow of a greater mind that exists in, through, and around us. It is an adventure where we expect the unexpected and embrace the unknown. With grace, clarity, a coherence of heart and mind are experienced. Future obstacles are explored and transformed to allow new opportunities with inspiration to flourish. The systemic field is the wholeness where the mystery of life is experienced through the flow of energy in constant motion. The systemic field supports an ultimate state of receivership for unlimited existence.

As a Family and Systemic Constellations Trainer, I am moved to share the skills that I, and many before me, developed through observations within the systemic field. The quest is to understand what keeps us entangled in the disconnection patterns so that transformation is instantly experienced for a new being to be part of new prosperous opportunities to come into manifestation.

I am in awe of this work!

I live in gratitude for the constant expansion of this work which gives life to life. I choose to be all I am in gratitude for all of life’s blessings!

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