Conscious Flow

I love facilitating Family and Systemic Constellations!

What can I say more?  This weekend I felt privileged to have a group of past and present training facilitators join, in person, in what was experienced as a big joyful family reunion.  Just the energy in the room of like-minded people was an uplifting experience.

Many as yet had not experienced a group constellation as a soul movement. 

Each participant was allowed to set up an issue that held them back and needed to break through.

Do you know that feeling when you keep hitting the same hurdle again and again?

Why can we not bring it into flow?

We had a beautifully secluded grass area where we could experience the free flow within each of us to move.  I had prepared some flat wooden objects on which one word summarised the block.  Further, I had prepared a couple of healing words on some other flat wooden sticks that participants had access to if and when they needed them. 

As the facilitator, I had a completely different experience from the participants.

I can only share my observations. 

As the participants entered the field, emotions started to build.  For some, it was more emotional than for others.  One participant was so overwhelmed by all the waves of the other’s pain that she could not even enter.  I gave her the option to exit the field, but she was determined to clear her block and stay.  She said that leaving was not an option.  She felt that she was in a safe healing environment and could build up the courage to enter the healing field that was waiting for her.  She needed to face and feel all her fears and the emotions that come with them.  With the help of the healing words presented to her, she could find the origin of her block, experience her pain and let it go. 

As the movement flowed without words, each participant worked through their pain by finding a way to release their pain or holding onto it.  Observing the difficulty in this choice was eye-opening.  I know my pain.  I know my block.  I cannot give my pain to another, yet I can support another in their pain. 

Is that not what we, as coaches and healers do?

The reluctance in taking on some healing words was equally surprising to observe. 

Then there came the reluctance to let go of the healing words.  

We hold onto what we have. 


We trust what we know.  We distrust the unknown, yet the unknown resides in us.

We struggle to face the unknown which resides in us.  We know it, yet we fear to face it.

What is the unknown we fear?

Through the experience of the pain, facing it, allowing it, and embracing it, we can bring it to acknowledgment and eventually recognize our equality in the gifts we received from it.  Only then can we take on the healing that comes with it.

When we hold onto what we have, we cannot get into the flow of the generosity that life offers.

Slowly, slowly and eventually, with exchange and sharing gestures of the pain, the energy opened up to take on some healing words.  The more healing word sticks flowed, the more they exchanged the pain blocks.  The field became more and more balanced.  The pains were let go, and each participant placed their healing stick around a flower in a grouping. 

And then we felt that the movement was not complete.  Two participants were stuck.  We continued the constellation in the room, and I facilitated an intervention. 

Firstly there was an exchange in recognizing that we are not alone in our experience.  This recognition allowed for a more significant interaction to take place.  With the energy balance of all other participants in the room, slowly, the heaviness lifted.  The flow of healing between these two participants was then offered as a sharing of healing for all other participants—the entire room filled in an equilibrium filled with lightness.

What did I, as a facilitator, learn from this?

Firstly, to allow each participant to experience and stand in truth within their pain.  I, as the facilitator, need to trust.  All the emotions need to be felt.  The participant will find the strength within to move through it. 

Yes, as the facilitator, I offered the healing-word sticks in support and as a way to create movement through the stuckness. 

Each individual can be within their process without my interference as a facilitator.  All I, as a facilitator, need to do is be present in the space of compassion within. Mostly, I learned that the field of consciousness would create the wholeness it desires and requires.

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