Learning from the Systemic Field

Fears and Letting Go

The world is in a state of chaos.

What are your fears that bring your world into a state of chaos?

What are the entanglements in the systems you belong to that held beliefs that drive fears?

Let’s uncover!

What is your natural instinctive reaction when you are faced with fear?

Each of us will have a different fear-based reaction to an experience that evokes a need to save ourselves from real or perceived danger. To ignore our fear would not be wise. To overreact to our fear is also detrimental to us. How should we address our angst when it impacts our lives and keeps us trapped in cycles that disturb our energy flow?

It is easy to say “Let Go of Your Fear” when we are faced with a situation or circumstance that creates anxieties to arise. The more anxious we become, the more difficult it is to manage fear’s impact on us.

Fear creates chaos and overwhelms our lives.

The body holds the pain and stores the fears. Our subconscious memory, history of all our experiences, and the entanglements of anxieties in the family system often create an extensive fear base. As the world around us becomes more and more chaotic, our inner fear world is threatened. Where can we find a moment of peace?

We are learning from the systemic field that a specific order emerges when we let go of the entanglements with our fears. This order creates a center of calm from which we can view our fears from a new perspective in which we gain a sense of peace. One of my clients had severe anxiety concerning one of her relatives. The fear she felt around this issue created her to struggle with her coping mechanisms to handle the situation. The next time I spoke to her, she expressed a tremendous sense of calm about the situation she feared. She dealt with the problem with a sense of peace and was surprised when the problem felt utterly vaporized.

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