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Learning from the Systemic Field – Exploring business options

It’s early September 2021.  Our systemic membership team is meeting to explore answers to questions that keep rotating in our conversations. The topic of the current pandemic slips into every conversation.  How have our lives changed since our first lockdown?  Where are we now?  How are we going to regain what we have lost?  What will a new ‘normal’ emerge?

We used my business as an example to explore.

We set up the business, the ultimate purpose, and the conflicting part that blocks the company’s growth.  Yes, we had all the analytical discussions and possible answers in mind, and we realized that our conversation went around and around in circles.  More questions arose with the solutions dissolving into a greater sense of hopelessness.

We set up the business, the ultimate purpose, a conflicting part, and future business growth as incoming clients in a constellation field to gain a systemic view.

What emerged initially was that the business and the ultimate purpose were in synergy flow.  However, the conflicting part indicated that a missing link needed to be put into the field.  What was this missing link?  It brought a lot of confusion but mostly distress into the systemic field.  The business element looked at it calmly and gave it a place of belonging.  Slowly the haze lifted, and the element was identified as overwhelming fear. 

It makes sense.  Yes, we currently live in a constant trauma state.  Our world has changed – forever.  The synergy of the business with its intended outcome could not even come into a point of focus for business growth, as people are constantly battling with new information and feel completely overloaded with just managing daily tasks.  We, the people are are stuck in survival!  We, as people, have minimal capacity left for dealing with any further unknowns.  When we consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,  we realize that the need for self-esteem and self-actualization is too much of a stretch to focus on in our current trauma state.  Yet, if we can shift our focus to greater self-actualization and self-esteem, we could lift ourselves out of the trauma state that the pandemic has forced upon us.

In the systemic field, a movement created all elements into an alignment.  The business and outcome held the conflicting fears within its synergistic flow. 

So, what is the Learning from this constellation movement?

My first Learning is the understanding that nobody is isolated from the fears in control and keeps us captivated in justification of our actions based on fear.

My second and following Learnings are that once the fears are acknowledged and given their rightful place, the business opportunity opens up. I love systemic solution-seeking in that the analytical confusion is solved in the simplicity and clarity provided through the flow of the energy field.

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