Learning from the Systemic Field

Through Pain to Gain

I feel honoured to witness the courage of people who have experienced trauma and have opened up to their most intimate and vulnerable wounds. 

Yes, we survive trauma by blocking out the experience/s in one form or another. Grace allows us to step forward in life and find coping mechanisms that support us. 

During the “Healing through Trauma” workshop, I learned that healing is only possible when we not only confront the trauma and its consequences but also allow the trauma to dissipate. A trauma that has supported belief systems and behaviour patterns and has given meaning to its existence has a stronghold on a person.

Who am I without the trauma?

What is my new purpose in life now? 

How do I identify with my ‘new self’ now? 

Trauma changes how we perceive life and our environment.

Trauma impacts all our relationships.

Trauma forms a base from which we create belief systems and behaviour patterns supported by fears and anxieties.

To heal from trauma allows you to perceive life and your environment differently. Instead of only black and white, colours are seen with new excitement.

When healing from trauma, relationships become more playful and filled with tremendous gratitude and joy.

Healing from trauma creates belief systems, and behaviour patterns underpinned with a sense of calmness and peace.

Who do you want to be without the weight of trauma?

What purposes can you fulfil from a space of joy?

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