The freedom of choice

How do we access our freedom of choice when we are trapped in patterns of human behavior that exist through just being human? Each human is driven to survive at all costs. When survival is not enough, greed takes over. We always want more, comfort, and ease of living. 

What is the cost to ourselves as humans or to those around us?

Does freedom of choice really exist?

Humans, as babies, depend significantly on others, parents and caregivers, to meet our needs to survive. In a healthy environment, all physical, mental, and emotional needs are met. This dependency and move towards independence are encouraged through the ability to make good or bad choices in life. 

Each choice has a consequence, one way or another. 

Does freedom of choice exist if a consequence follows each choice? The result is an expectation in a future setting that may or may not happen. 

Life happens! We are constantly faced with obstacles to overcome. We are constantly faced with choices on how to face and overcome each obstacle. Some people have a higher resilience in confronting and managing blocks; others struggle even to meet a minor hurdle. People with high resilience act swiftly, whilst people with low resilience may not even know how to act. 

Each life situation allows us to face ourselves. 

Who do I want to be in this situation? 

What are the values that I have chosen for myself and my life?

Do I have the courage to uphold my human moral and spiritual values, or do I fall prey to the survival of the human conditioning?

Each choice serves a different purpose. 

Let’s quickly look at the outcome and the purpose of each ‘freedom’ of choice. 

Any choice made from fear to threat of survival, be it big or small, creates an entanglement to suffering. 

Fear creates fear. All human injustices are resultants of choices made from one fear or another.

It takes courage to step away from fear and make a choice based on love for another or self that is greater than fear. The value of life is placed beyond the survival need. A choice based on value for life is where freedom of choice takes on a new meaning.

Who am I when I am faced with adversity?

What is my responsibility when choosing the value for life for others or myself? 

Taking on responsibility for each thought and action creates freedom from dependency. 

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