Learning from the Systemic Field

Perspective Through Compassion

As a coach, trainer, and facilitator, how can I approach a problematic situation with Compassion? It is easier to label and deal with a problem with the label as the starting point. It is easy to judge. It is easy to criticize. Wrongdoing is wrongdoing.

Why would I want to approach my perception of someone’s wrongdoing with Compassion?  

Practicing Compassion in all situations is a challenge for most of us. The critical analytical brain does not allow this.

Recently our training group set up a constellation to view and understand ourselves and the impact of Compassion when working in a systemic field a little better. We placed ourselves with Compassion.  

The learning from this showed the intent to be aligned with Compassion when working with our clients. However, our innate struggle brought up fears of vulnerability. The client did not feel safe as they sensed the vulnerability. The learning was exciting. Yes, we, as coaches, trainers, and facilitators, have vulnerabilities that can emerge when working with our clients.  

What is your relationship with Compassion?

We explored a little further. How could we, as facilitators, face our greatest fears of showing up in the systemic field and still work to resolve an issue with a peacefully aligned outcome?  

None of us needed to be aligned with Compassion. When Compassion stood in the center of the field, it became the guiding light through which problems could be viewed without the voice of vulnerability (the critical analytical mind).  

The insight we took from this Constellation was that we need to gain and develop a perspective through Compassion rather than with Compassion. 

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