How can we step into a future filled with Abundance?

“How can we step into a future filled with Abundance when we fear losing what we have now”? 

The question is, “How can I lose the fear that blocks me from my flow of Abundance?”

What are all the underlying fears that support despair?  

Fear of loss is a massive fear driven by various feelings and emotions from subconscious memories. The DNA memories also support these memories from your parent’s family system. When we understand this, we learn that these fears are deeply entangled with past fears.  

It is easy to say that letting go of past fears opens the way for the future. Yes, we are co-creators of all that we experience. Each experience is by our design. Now, this may create a reaction of resistance in you. Just stay with me a little. We are all part of collective consciousness. You belong to the collective consciousness in your family system through your DNA.  

Now relax!

Recent science is proving that because the brain is neuroplastic, we can re-wire earlier hard-wired brain patterns with various new insights through different healing and therapy practices. It effectively means that we CAN become Co-Creators of a Future of our Vision.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as a flick of a switch. That would be too easy, but not impossible. For most of us, it takes a few steps.

Firstly we need to step into the Awareness that we are at the center of each experience we have. Whatever the occasion, it is always your experience.

It is your fear of losing what you currently have.

Let’s challenge this fear. What if you could step into the flow of Abundance? 

Secondly, we must ask ourselves, “What am I experiencing now, and why?” This step allows you to step into the suffering of the current experience as a pattern of a subconscious experience.

Would you have this fear if the fear were not in you already? You cannot experience something that does reside in your subconscious already. The good news is that your subconscious always has the answers too.

Let’s go through the adventure of this journey and explore all there is to explore. Every challenge has the possibility of creating a new opportunity.

Thirdly, we need to acknowledge the experience as our individual experience to heal by bringing into a subconscious, conscious, and super-conscious (body-mind-spirit) alignment.  

When we become conscious of the suffering that the subconscious is holding onto for dear life, we can gain an opening through our conscious insights and follow the inspirations that flow to us from the super-conscious.  Let’s follow the inspirations that create the flow of Abundance!

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