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Healing Through Trauma

Trauma happens to everybody individually and collectively. We all carry a backlog of pain that has never been heard or received because we miss a culture, a narrative that helps us share and hold space for each other’s deepest wounds. In our Western World, we perceive the existence of trauma as weakness, yet we wonder why we have such a high incidence of mental illness?

With Family Constellations, we hold the vision of a society where we can acknowledge the truth about shame and pain of our unmet needs that live quietly but widely among all of us.

Trauma cannot always be conquered or fixed, but it can be held and loved in hurt.

Within the work of Family Constellations, we hope to make a small step towards creating a more supportive culture where we can.

We don’t have to resist our challenges and our pains.

We don’t need to live in the dark.

We can live in a world where vulnerability can be seen as healthy and encouraged with physical and mental health are not separate, but they are one.

The legacy of trauma is multi-generational. It hits some people much severely than others. Still, it’s impossible to heal our society before fully acknowledging the trauma that we perpetrated each other, those who suffered before us, and that infuses our culture. 

Healing cannot begin without acknowledging what has happened.

As we work the way through trauma, as we resolve the pain, we become friends with our own trauma, and as we learn from it, it bestows enormous wisdom about the nature of the world about the nature of human nature, and about ourselves, our connections or relationships and the world that we live in. There’s tremendous wisdom that trauma can teach us.

I have an idea that we can create a more equal and compassionate trauma-informed society together.

Trauma is a Greek word for wounding. So, trauma is a wound.

Trauma is not what happens to you.

It’s what happens inside you as a result of what happened to you.

Sexual abuse, or neglect or the war tragedy is not the trauma.

That’s the traumatic event that induces the trauma. So the trauma is the wound that you sustain. That’s an important distinction to gain understanding.

With traumatic impacts, people get disconnected from their feelings. Now they don’t know Joy anymore, and now they have to do drugs to feel alive, for example, but that disconnection from feeling that wisdom, because it happened at a time when the feeling that the child would have experienced would have been unbearable for them.

This connection is the body’s wisdom.

Now that creates the traumatic impact; we have to work our way back from disconnecting to feeling again. When we’re ready, but rather than resenting it, we have to bow to the body’s wisdom is giving us that capacity actually to shut down our emotions. To experience the pain would have been unendurable. So, there are two aspects of the wisdom of the law of trauma. One is what we can learn from it, but the other is,  firstly, there is always a form of protection.

I’m not talking about the traumatic event is terrible. I’m talking about the body’s protection against the emotional impact when that impact is unbearable by the child. 

That is the wisdom of trauma.

Wisdom is part of our healing journey.

What is meant by healing?

Healing is to restore the original movement of Life.

What is the original movement of Life?

Life is the sacred presence of consciousness within the power of grace, or as I would like to see it – an unconditional love that exists even in the deepest of painful experiences.

Healing is the power of grace that supports the restoration of the original movement of Life and acknowledges the sacred presence of consciousness.

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