Conscious Flow

Mother’s Day

Being a mother is my happy, peaceful place.  I love being a mother.  My inner joy, inner contentment, inner satisfaction, and just being with my children cannot be put into words and cannot be justified with words.  Yes, there is also a sense of sadness.  Not being with all my children and grandchildren is sad.  Deep sadness, even deep sorrow, is experienced during times of disconnection. 

It is not about not being in the same room.  The disconnection is felt when differences in perceptions and beliefs take on more importance than the love that exists. 

It is usual for children to follow their own life paths to make a life for themselves and their families.  Letting go and embracing new journeys when children move far away and taking their children with them brings about fears of disconnection. 

My joy lies in the connection, in the knowledge, and then the being of the fullness of life.  Gratitude fills the empty spaces until the subsequent experience of great contentment when I see my children living their lives forward with their families, enjoying being mothers themselves.  The joy I see in them as they appreciate the experiences with their children and their families and being part of the circle of life.

I appreciate that I am merely a link from the past to the future.

What does being a mother mean?

I don’t know what it is for you.  But for me being a mother is the most sacred of spiritual experiences.  Being a mother is not about me.  It is just about caring and sharing the experience of a life’s journey.  Being a mother simply is the experience of every moment that comes and lasts between my children and me.  It is the experience of every connection that is merely as it is, and yes, the most regret and sorrow come with disconnections that happen along the way.  That is also part of being a mother.  Most disconnections occur when either, the mother or child, struggles to function after or through the experience of trauma.  Trauma greatly challenges any relationship.  You can grow from and through trauma or work and be controlled by trauma.  Trauma changes the way an individual perceives the world.  New belief systems are formed.

It is being able to experience a love that is beyond understanding.

A mother’s love is an experience of an enduring love beyond containment—the awareness of the existence of this sacredness in the appreciation of all that is beyond within.

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