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Inner Child Healing Constellations Workshop – What to expect

What to expect in the inner child workshop

Inner Child Workshop

What can you expect in the Inner Child Healing Constellations Workshop?

When I recently introduced this idea to a client, the first reaction was: “Is there a group of people”? Yes. This is a group workshop.

The group works well as we all help and support each other in our quest for healing and alignment for the Inner Child that is disruptive in your life.

This question indicates your reason for the way you react when somebody pushes your buttons. We all justify our reasons for our actions and reactions since these actions and reactions have a purpose, as is true for us. 

Have you considered the mental, emotional and physical costs of the adverse effects caused by these habits, by your belief system that you need to protect yourself?

Isn’t it precisely that which keeps us from healing? 

Isn’t it precisely what keeps us from being the person we truly want to be? 

The person that we see and sometimes the world doesn’t see reacts in the moments when you need to protect yourself.

 “No, I had a perfect childhood” is often the initial response. The perfect childhood picture is accurate for the moments when things worked out well. “Ask my mom. We did some fun things together”. And then, five minutes later in the session, the story is reversed. Why do we do that? We do that because we feel shame. The shame of betraying our mother. The shame of betraying our parents. The shame of betraying our childhood.

We feel guilty when we say anything that brings up memories of hurt. We create a picture for ourselves to survive. I, Sonja, positively believe that there is absolute love and positivity for every child. Yet, there is also dysfunction. I wish to look at the dysfunction, and here is what I like to say there is no shame in acknowledging that we are broken when we react and act in such a way that we hurt people. That is the shame. It is unfortunate to get provoked by our pressure points when activated. We then react or act in a way that takes us away from being the person we indeed are. That is sad.

Shame is not that our parents didn’t give their best. 

The shame has nothing to do with our parents’ dysfunctions. 

I experienced situations as a child that were not to my ultimate best self. So, we come together as a group to offer a space in which we acknowledge that each of us is there for the brave act of wanting to heal. It takes some courage to look bravery at the broken pieces or injuries that can be bout into a healing alignment.

We want to heal so that we no longer have an attachment to the injuries that flare up on unexpected occasions. We want to be aware of the activation of pressure points so that we can make new rational choices for new and more positive outcomes.

Do you want to defend yourself, or do you want to acknowledge the pain and make new choices? When you create new options that are your truth from a healed perspective, those around you receive healing.

When you heal, those around you will see that you are the person you want to be.

You make those choices, not the people around you. They only see you as you are, as you present yourself.

 How do you want to present yourself in the future? 

So, spending three days in a workshop really helps you take a good look at your Inner Child. We do this together as a group, yet individually. We heal in the group. We support each other towards that healing.

That’s what you can expect from this Inner Child Healing Constellations Workshop. There is no judgment of you. Everybody is so busy judging themselves. When you unlock, and there are parts in you that you feel ashamed of, you help us unlock those parts in others that they are ashamed of.

We support each other. This three-day workshop serves as a safe environment where you can learn to be your true self and allow yourself to be vulnerable and emerge strengthened because you’ve shown the courage it takes for you to show up as you want to be. 

Your relationships will change. 

Firstly your relationship with yourself will change.

Secondly, your relationships with others will change.

You will open up to allow the love that you protect yourself from to enter, and it also allows you to express the love that you are to yourself and those you come into contact with.

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