Truth vs Perceived Truth

Everyone, in one way, or another, is seeking the Truth. 

The Truth is the goal of life. 

Achieving the Truth justifies all our efforts. 

There are different schools, worldviews, sects, clans, and clubs, and many proudly emphasize their own opinion regarding the Truth. That is the perceived Truth. Nevertheless, everyone desires to find the real, objective Truth.

The Truth is what it is, not what we think it is. 

Truth is what we desire it to be or what we stubbornly defend. We can’t ignore what is, regardless of how it doesn’t fit our desires and previously made constructs—this fact, instead of formal logic, crates uncertainty in a person. Everybody is confused by numerous surprises, and unexpected and unplanned events lead to questioning the perceived Truth. Perceived Truth creates confusion when confronted with previously unknown information.

In every relationship encounter, we are faced with the confusion of perceived Truth vs absolute Truth. How can we distinguish between the two?

The question is not how we distinguish, but what Truth do you want to believe? Often, when someone is confronted with the facts, the immediate reaction is disbelief. We experience it when we receive a message about an accident or the like received. “No, this can’t be”. “It is impossible”. The information acquired does not fit into the picture of the known. 

We create our Truth to what we perceive our world to be. Perceptions of truths differ. Two people may witness the same event, yet their relay of the same event will vary. Why? Because each constructs the flow of the event as per their perception. Their stories and resulting opinions will differ. 

Facts are truths that do not change. It does not matter from which angle you look at them.

My bank account is empty. That may be a fact. My Truth may now be that I am poor. That may be true or not and is dependent on my perception of how I measure poverty. Often, facts and truths are entangled. 

Our minds, thoughts, and perceptions create the world we live in. We mostly live in an illusionary world. When we perceive the world to be a place of challenges, it will emerge as such, no matter how perfect your world looks to another. When we perceive the world as a place of joy and happiness, it will appear as such, no matter how dysfunctional your world may look to another. 

Your body is the keeper of the existence of Truth that is beyond your perceived Truth. You are the most important to your selves. You will find what you are searching for in life: meaning, ideals, strength, and happiness within yourself.

Everything is in You. There is nothing outside You. 

The search for Truth is innate.

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