Learning from the Systemic Field

Healing dis-connections in the ancestral line

Have you ever wondered why you make money or lose money as your pattern?

Patterns are entanglements that emerge from the family system. “Who made and lost money in the ancestral system”? The phenomena may be a pattern of more than three generations back. 

In the Constellation, we set up to view this phenomenon. We saw a major disconnect between father and grandfather. To add, the client mainly chose dark figurines, which was unusual.

The indication from this picture seemed to reveal a tragic family trauma with a particular central figure endangering his family’s safety. I do not wish to bring up a potential storyline in my facilitation. It is enough to see a possible origin of the pattern within my client. 

In me, Sonja, I ask myself if disconnecting from a father line serves the family line forward. Not. Whatever we disconnect from within the system still remains in the lineage. 

Whatever is not healed will be revealed.

From my initial training as a traumatologist, I learned that we could only heal trauma when we dare to address and heal through the trauma wound. Yes, nobody wants to revisit the hurt and suffering.

The only gain is to revisit the pain.

To disconnect from trauma and traumatic experiences is an efficient survival skill. To sever or exclude oneself from the family of origin does have consequences. The trauma you want to escape has already created a marker that expresses itself within the repeat pattern.

Due to the darkness that appeared in the field, I, as the facilitator, saw it fit to add an object to signify abundance. (We were working around the central theme of money.) The representative, who felt traumatized by his indication of being stuck in deep mud, immediately revealed that he now found himself in clear waters. It may mean nothing to you, the reader, but it helped my client turn around and face his line of ancestors for the first time. Not only could he turn around, but he could go closer to meet the cluster of ancestors that were kept in the bondage of hurt, pain, abandonment, and suffering. With every move, he could feel himself become lighter. After a while, he could address the central figure with some healing sentences, including “I give back … to you, through you, to where it belongs”. The central figure, facing outwards, could turn around and meet my client. Slowly, with more movements and following healing sentences, the field started to settle. 

What is the learning from this Constellation?

Trauma dis-connects families. Healing connects families.

All healing is possible if we dare to face the pain unwittingly controlled by the subconscious self.

Healing brings about a sense of relief from the burdens of the past.

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