Learning from the Systemic Field

Possibilities within the Field of Wholeness

The Field of Wholeness acknowledges and proposes all possibilities that exist and will be. 

In one of our training circles, we set up a Constellation as a continuation of a previous constellation.

We looked at two elements for the Client that came out in our pre-constellation discussion. The Client found herself conflicted between Career Success and an overriding Fear of that Success. 

Whilst setting up the Constellation, the Client placed herself in a corner, looking outward, while she placed the Fear of Success a distance behind herself, facing the Client and Success at the opposite corner facing the Fear of Success and the Client.

The Client went into a near panic after placing the representations. Both, the Fear of Success and Success were aligned and calm.  

In our pre-constellation discussion, the Client had mentioned a family belief system that she did not want to align with 

She felt she could not even stay in the Field with this tension. We brought in the Historic Core Belief in the family system. It revealed itself as very powerful and taking on a position of immense power. Success moved in front of the Client, basically confronting the Client. The Client froze. Fear of Success remained neutral in the center of the Field. Success and the Fear of Success were in harmony with each other. What appeared to be fear in the chosen representation showed up as life, and the opportunities created even as we weed through many fearful emotions.  

The Client expressed an emotional roller coaster within her until she arrived at a calm where she could face Success as it was standing in front of her.

The healing sentences offered aloud further aligned with the understanding of Success and strengths that she could already acknowledge within herself. Success’s empirical knowledge exists for what it is. 

When we judge the wrongs in our family system, we exclude ourselves from the system’s strengths and then face a world in which we feel alone and lost.

Now she could turn around and stand with Success as her support. Next, she could move to that which she had internally rejected; the belief system that her family was a part of. She refused the destruction the Historic Core Belief caused as per her perception. She justified her turning away from it because she could not and did not want to identify with it. 

With an offering of alignment sentences, she could acknowledge that she was part of a family system within a Historic Core Belief that served them. An understanding came about when she could recognize the Historic Core Belief as a survival for the family as a whole. 

The exclusion of the Historic Core Belief brought about survival guilt. Her survival guilt was at the core of her newly aligned personal beliefs, bringing about enormous grief within herself. She felt conflicted.  

When she managed, with the help of further alignment sentences, to acknowledge her love and personal needs to be met, the conflicts and tension within her eased.  

The conflicts between the family beliefs and her personal beliefs dissolved. She felt unburdened. 

A great sense of peace emerged in the Field of Wholeness.

What do we learn from this?

Firstly, our core belonging is within our family system. We cannot turn away from historic core beliefs in the family system, even if we disagree with them. Historic Core Beliefs are an innate part of the person that you are.  

Secondly, you have a choice in your way forward and follow a different path from that of your ancestors. You can do so peacefully if you are in agreement or aligned with all that was and now is.

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