To BE or not to BE!

You already are. You are as a human in the body you reside in whilst on the journey here on planet earth.

Then there is the conflict. Who am I? Whom do I want to be?

We, humans, are a brutally angry, hateful, destructive, arrogant, egocentric, selfish, mad, lonely, unhappy, and psychologically depressed species. We fight each other, beat and strangle each other. We are out of our minds, depressed, lonely, crying, hiding and suiciding, going mad and egocentrically continuing a pattern of destruction. We reflect and keep reflecting on every aspect of the human condition.

We need to acknowledge this as a part of ourselves when we become aware of the global world we also belong to.

What we see out there in the world is chaos, mistrust, deception, hatred, and viciousness. 

“What a chimaera then is, man! What a novelty, what a monster, what a chaos, what a contradiction, what a prodigy! Judge of all things, imbecile worm of the earth, a repository of truth, a sewer of uncertainty and error, the glory and the scum of the Universe!” (Pensées, 1669)

Why are we the way we are, competitive and aggressive, rather than cooperative and loving?

Beneath that is the more profound question:- “What is the origin of all this psychological frustration and pain inside us humans”?

With our conscious thinking mind, we can ask –

What makes us angry?  What makes us hateful?  What makes us destructive?  What makes us arrogant?  What makes us egocentric?  What makes us selfish?  What makes us mad?  What makes us lonely?  What makes us unhappy? 

What makes us a psychologically depressed species?

We can use the excuse that instincts control these feelings. That is true. When we experience stressful situations, the shadow side in us is unleashed.

If this is who and what you already are, is this who and what you want to BE? Is this how you want to continue to show up in your world and the world around you?

What would happen if you become capable of consciously understanding and thus managing your world to be more cooperative and loving?

What would happen if you discover the origins of your frustrations and pains so that you can transform from them?

What would happen if you could create the You that You want to BE?

The way forward is to create the You that You want to BE. It is choosing and creating different outcomes free from the repeated patterns of our intrinsic human nature. With conscious understanding and access to the entanglements that bind us, we humans can transform to being the person we want and choose to be.  

In Family and Systemic Constellations, we uncover entanglements that no longer serve us. We can re-program and overwrite the darkness that resides in each of us.

Your anger may be of good purpose when balanced with a conscious higher self-understanding of acknowledging what is and finding an agreeable way forward. 

Instead of getting stuck in hate and vengefulness, it might be a long stretch, but finding respect for yourself transforms into kindness towards the other.

Forces of destruction overwhelm and destroy the creations which we value. How can you find forgiveness to restore the damage?

It appears that arrogance and egocentricity surface more when vulnerability needs to be protected. Humility, in turn, requires our openness and vulnerabilities to be transformed as a core of strength.  

Self-love should not be confused with being selfish. The love for self and caring for self are generous expressions of the greater sense of being.

With awareness of thought, the finding of balance when the scale tips from glad to mad can be accomplished.

Trusting that love in the greater Universe is always present changes loneliness to the comfort of being a part of the wholeness that exists.

Touching moments of joy and gratitude can transform unhappiness into a more flow of joyous living.

What would make you happy to be alive and engaged in a flourishing future?

What would happen if your default BEing is triggered by agreeable circumstances, kindness in days of struggle, forgiveness, humility, self-love, balance, wholeness, joy, and gratitude?

These are the possibilities that are awaiting you with HealingPoint Constellations and HealingPoint Coaching.

The choice is yours to make.

Make your choice now and book a FREE session with me.

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