Coming to terms with the beastly human within

To BE or not to BE, reflects on who we are as humans.

Identifying my pattern of destruction has brought me face to face with the chaos that pain is causing and has caused in my life. Every decision and choice made to rid me of the entanglements of pain has created a new cycle of confusion. Why is this so?  

Trauma is like a virus. Nobody escapes it. Either you are directly implicated by it, or you fear it.

Denial of the existence of the coronavirus did not leave us untouched. The same is valid for mental and emotional imbalances as a result of the psychological destruction experienced not only from our individually experienced traumas but also from the traumas experienced in our family system arising from the infliction of the destruction of the global world. 

Denial is our greatest enemy.  

To stay in the denial of our human condition means that we become alienated from our true selves, which in turn leads to a continuation of epidemic levels of addictions, psychopathic narcissism, manic depression, ADHD, autism, and other disassociating behaviors.

The more we deny the pain we experience and live in, the more we become bound by it.  

For millennia humans have survived the most traumatic experiences. The need for survival has become and still is the driving force of all wars. Wars are staged between countries, in the political arena, or in the family home. There are no victories. The need for destruction drives every battle. If this is who we intrinsically are as humans, what options are available to us to escape this madness?

The first step is to recognize the madness and your position within it. The process of stripping off the denial is tricky, but once you have done that, the answers become glaringly obvious. 

The good news is that the spirit of all of life exists within each human. Life spirit is experienced as the freedom to dance with the joy of life. Our true soul self wants to be shared.

The second step is to connect with the benevolence of our being. The benevolent human connection from one human to another creates a pathway to recognize a way forward that may create a different, more beneficial outcome for all parties.  

The third step is to develop more truthful thinking.

It means that to understand our behavior fully, we must first understand our extreme historical fear of the human condition by confronting our fears, understanding them, and then liberating ourselves from the chains of bondage with conscious intent.  

True transformation is stepping into more and more experiences of the glorious adventures of life! A life filled with meaningfulness and worthiness for all of life!

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